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Deadwood & Ivy Removal

Deadwood and Ivy Removal

Deadwood & Ivy Removal

The removal of deadwood and Ivy isn’t always necessary. N & J Tree Services Ltd can assess if the removal of any ivy or deadwood is required and complete the removal following BS 3998 standards. Our surveyors have years of experience along with prestigious qualifications, allowing them to provide reliable and relevant advice to our clients.


Non-living branches or stems due to natural ageing or external influences such as disease, wind damage, animal interaction or insufficient sunlight. Over time deadwood can develop into tree decay, potentially eating away at the limbs.

Removing the deadwood involves climbing around the entire canopy of the tree, removing dead branches that may decline and fall. This process is usually completed to prevent the risk of falling debris and is carried out in high risk areas (roads/footpaths, gardens or public locations).

However, deadwood provides essential habitats and is extremely beneficial to wildlife. Only branches or deadwood that poses risk should be shortened or removed. Durability and retention of deadwood will vary by tree species.

Deadwood & Ivy Removal


Ivy isn’t a parasitic plant and in fact has its own separate root system in the soil, absorbing its own water and nutrients. Ivy simply uses trees and walls for support, allowing it to reach upwards towards sunlight.

Ivy doesn’t kill trees, in fact it has many wildlife benefits. However, sometimes it is necessary to sever ivy for example, to clear a tree to carry out a detailed inspection of the condition of the tree, as the ivy could be hiding defects or structural issues in the tree.

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