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Tree Care

Tree Care

Tree Care

At N & J Tree Services Ltd, we undertake all aspects of tree care. Arborists employed and trained by N & J are highly competent, to ensure any tree care operation can be carried out effectively and to the highest standard.


Pruning is a necessary part of tree care and maintenance; whether it’s used to remove dangerous or defective branches, to regulate the size and shape of a tree or to leave the tree in a generally safe condition.

Particular care must be taken when tree pruning, as improper pruning can lead to diseases and/or tree failure.

N & J Tree Services Ltd carry out all pruning operations to BS 3998 standards.

Pruning Techniques:-


Crown Thinning:

The selective branch removal of smaller diameter branches (usually at the outer crown) to produce an evenly spaced branch structure and a uniform density of foliage, without altering the overall size or shape of the tree.

Reasons for crown thinning:

• Allow more light to pass through the tree
• Reduce wind resistance by allowing wind to pass through the canopy, increasing disease tolerance
• Reduce weight on heavy limbs
• Help retain the tree’s natural shape

Crown thinning can provide adequate framework for a possible future crown reduction if required.

Crown Lifting:

The removal of the lowest branches and/or preparing of lower branches for future removal to achieve a desired vertical clearance above ground level.

Reasons for crown lifting:

• Increase light transmission to areas closer to the tree
• Enable access under the crown

Crown lifting should not result in the removal of more than 15% of the live crown height, and shortening primary branches is preferable to whole removal in mature trees.

Removing large branches growing directly from the trunk can cause large wounds, resulting in decay or biomechanical instability.

Crown Reduction :

The reduction in height or spread of the crown of a tree. The result should retain the main framework of the crown, leaving healthy small-diameter branches and twigs.

Reasons for Crown Reduction:

• Reduce mechanical stress on individual branches or the whole tree
• Allow retention of a tree within a confined space
• Reduce the effects of shading and light loss

Not all species are suitable for this treatment and crown reduction should not be confused with ‘topping’, an indiscriminate and harmful treatment.

Dismantling & Felling

The removal of a tree through straight felling or sectional dismantling.

Removal of a tree using straight felling (removal of the tree in one piece) should only be used when there is no significant risk of damage to the general public, property or protected species.

Sectional dismantling(removal of the tree in sections using specialist ropes, equipment and machinery) is often more suitable for sensitive or challenging areas.

Reasons for Dismantling & Felling:


• The tree is dead, dying or diseased
• The trees are suffering structural damage (e.g. through storm damage)
• To eliminate competition for light and space so remaining plants can grow and thrive
• The tree is growing or leaning dangerously near to cables, highways or rail track

Approved Contractor Status

Our Approved Contractor Status (awarded by the Arboricultural Association) assures we adhere to the highest standards of quality, safety experiences and technical expertise. We are also accredited with the following organisations: