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Stump Removal

Stump Removal

Stump Removal

After the removal of a tree or large shrub it is usually necessary to remove the remaining tree stump. Not only can tree stumps be unsightly, they can attract fungus and other wood rotting organisms, potentially affecting other greenery in the surrounding area.


Chemical Treatment:-

Although much less common option than stump grinding, N & J offer an alternative by chemically treating the stump with ‘Ecoplugs’. ‘Ecoplugs’ are inserted into the stump immediately after felling (in fresh wood). This will kill the stump and eventually eliminate it and its regrowth.

N & J Tree Services can advise which stump removal option would be suitable, and any chemical treatment is carried out by qualified and experienced staff.

All safety regulations are adhered to as advised.

Stump Removal, Grinding & Chemical Treatment

Stump Grinding

N & J Tree Services Ltd offer a stump grinding service to remove any stump, regardless of the situation or access to the site. A stump grinder is a machine consisting of a large cutting disc that is placed onto the stump and gradually lowered until the stump is chipped away.

N & J Tree Services Ltd have a wide variety of stump grinding machines (e.g. pedestrian and mechanical stump grinders) that can be adapted to any site to remove the stump with ease.

N & J’s stump grinding operatives are highly qualified and can remove stumps quickly and efficiently, leaving minimal waste behind.

Approved Contractor Status

Our Approved Contractor Status (awarded by the Arboricultural Association) assures we adhere to the highest standards of quality, safety experiences and technical expertise. We are also accredited with the following organisations: